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Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Service 1987 has over 35 years of experience. We can remove more stains with truck-mounted units that create superior results worth your money.

Furthermore, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Service is well-positioned to provide the best carpet cleaning service in West, North Shore, East, and South Auckland at an affordable rate. At the same time, we offer quality products, thus’ we have friendly and reliable carpet cleaners, making us the number one choice in all of Auckland.

Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning Benefits

Additionally, some equipment will achieve the desired end goals when cleaning carpets. However, there’s not just a single option; there are many! A truck-mounted carpet cleaning system is one option that provides viral disinfection. Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Service uses this to restore your carpets.

Our extensive truck mounts generate more vacuum, pressure, less water, and far more heat. The 80°C hot steam kills viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and pathogens. Indeed, Truck mounts are seven times better than smaller portable machines due to their more extensive and better performance.

Reasons To Work With Us

Trust – Consistent, high-quality carpet care with guaranteed customer satisfaction

Quality Service – Superior equipment, people, methods and attention to detail

Quality Products – Most cheap companies use inferior quality solutions to harm your carpets and upholstery. Low-quality chemical solutions will produce broken damage. Too much chemical residue is left on the carpet, mattress, and upholstery. So, therefore, within weeks, carpets will be dirtier than before.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Walkthrough: Firstly, our Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Service experts will inspect the area. Identifying heavy soiling, pet odours, stains, or damaged carpet that needs carpet repair. Our technician will talk with you about these areas to fix these issues.
  2. Move Furniture: Secondly, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleanings Auckland Service will move light furniture before the carpet cleaning process. So, we follow global industry safety standards in furniture moving. As well as all furniture moved is advisably not heavy. Also, we avoid breakable items, including china cabinets, pianos, dressers, beds, or electrical equipment.
  3. Vacuum: Using a professional grade vacuum, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services pre-vacuum the carpets. Including those not covered by furniture, remove as much of the loose soiling as possible.
  4. Pre-spot: We pretreat stains before cleaning the carpet using our Stain Spotter. It should help to ensure effective stain removal and heavy traffic soiling. In some cases, when the carpet cleaner finds anything. Also, when there is a large ink stain, that would worsen with a standard cleaning.
  5. Carpet Cleaning: Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services will use our green carpet cleaning method. We apply a light mist across the surface, using our 100% cotton bonnets and rotary carpet cleaner to extract the fibres soil gently. This process is known as emulsification so that the dirt is trapped in the cleaning solution and absorbed by Steam n Dry super absorbent bonnets.
  6. Grooming: We use a professional carpet rake at Steam n Dry Carpet Cleanings Auckland Services. Enable grooming the carpet fibres and raising the pile, bringing back the fresh, fluffy look.

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets may look clean enough, but you have no idea what’s hidden beneath the surface. Steam n Dry Carpet Cleanings Auckland Services is your best choice in Auckland. Following IICRC guidelines, we use the truck-mounted hot steam cleaning method. It removes fine particles of soil and then flushes them from carpet fibres. Thus, your carpet will not only be deep cleaned but will also dry quickly. We also offer a carpet stain protector and deodoriser.

Rug Cleaning

Similarly, rugs need to have cared for to last longer and look good. Carpets are of more soft materials. In this case, dyes can easily be damaged by inexperienced or cheap cleaners. Steam n Dry specialises in the care of area rugs so that you can trust us with your valued pieces. Thus, we work in the high standard of Carpet and Rug Institute.

Upholstery Cleaning

Are you still deciding what to do about your fabric-covered furniture? Steam n Dry Upholstery Cleaning’s Auckland Service delivers guaranteed results! We also offer fabric protectors and deodorisers.

Hardfloor Cleaning

Just like carpeting, hard surfaces harbour dirt and oils. They are typically caused by people, pets, cooking, grease, bacteria, and germs, to name a few. Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning’s Auckland Services have specialised training and equipment to restore hard surfaces. Of course, we can also advise on how to maintain it.

Disinfecting, Cleaning and Pest Control Auckland Services

  • Bed Bug Control
  • Disinfecting Clean
  • Flea Control
  • Pest Control
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Mould Removal
  • Carpet Beetle Control
  • Pet Odour Removal
  • Dust Mite Control
  • Couch Cleaning
  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Mattress Sanitising
  • Flooded Wet Carpet Drying
  • Car Upholstery Disinfection
  • Rug Cleaning


Experienced, researched and written by Graeme Stephens. An IICRC Master Restoration Technician in 2001. With over 35 years of disinfecting, upholstery and carpet cleaning services throughout Auckland.

Updated Last: 07/06/2023

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