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Pests are active all year. Thus, it means you need protection all year. Steam n Dry Pest Control Auckland has custom treatments with the applicable season to manage seasonal pest activity. Therefore, we are giving you all-around protection all year. Of course, Steam n Dry Pest Control Auckland Services 1987 can come back to re-treat every home each season for four treatments, including the first service. And if pests come back, so will we – at no cost. It is all part of the Steam n Dry Pest Control Auckland Service Satisfaction Guarantee.

Pest Control Services

  1. Flea Control
  2. Fly Control
  3. Ant Control
  4. Bed Bug Control
  5. Disinfecting Clean
  6. Dust Mite Control
  7. Pest Control
  8. Allergy Relief Sanitising
  9. Mould Cleaning
  10. Carpet Beetle Control
  11. Pet Odour Removal
  12. Cockroach Control
  13. Wasp Bee Eradication
  14. Spider Control
  15. Cockroach Control
  16. Mice and Rat Control

The above list contains a few common household pests but many others. Luckily, various pest control services and products are available to help eliminate the problem and return your home to its pest-free condition. Hence, we are experienced and certified in Household pest control, and we work in compliance with the Urban Integrated Pest Management.

How Can Household Pests Cause Damage?

Different household pests can cause varying levels of damage. Thus, it is essential to identify your pain before tackling the problem.

Bed Bug Control

Without a doubt, bed bugs are an increasing problem in Auckland. Many tourists encounter them in hotels. But, one of the significant concerns of travellers is waking up with bed bug bites and blood on the sheets! Indeed, also an increasing problem in accommodation, rentals, care homes, and apartments.

Flea Control Service

Fleas are possibly the most problematic pests to get rid of, yet they are straightforward to pick up. Although, any infected animal can cause an infestation within the house, even with the pets treated. They hide in places like:

  1. Beddings
  2. Couches
  3. Underneath floorboards
  4. Cracks in skirting boards
  5. Carpets
  6. Clothes

Since they feed on dead skin cells and practically anything lying around, fleas can live without food for a while, and if they get hungry, they attack humans. However, superior truck-mount 80°C hot steam kills carpet beetle, dust mite allergens, viruses, bacteria, and fleas.

Of course, they can cause skin irritations. Furthermore, they also carry tapeworms to pass the worms easily. Overall, they are mainly irritable to us but don’t damage the house.

Carpet Beetle

The carpet beetle can lay eggs in various areas of your house. The technician will inspect all the property rooms and carry out a chemical treatment. They further spray items containing organic fibres such as carpets, soft furnishings, and curtains. Nonetheless, Superior Truck-Mount 80°C Hot Steam should do the trick. The technician will locate the infestation’s source, making it a priority for spraying. Spray all the carpets, curtains, and soft furniture with insecticide using a hand sprayer.  Finally, insect monitor traps are deployed to determine the activity between the visits.

We are utilising different insecticides designed to remain active for extended periods. The monitor traps are inspected and replaced if needed. Then, pest control reports are given to the customer after each visit.

Dust Mite Allergy Relief Service

Silent Mites are one of the best-known mattress-cleaning companies in Auckland. Superior Truck-Mount 80°C Hot Steam also kills the same along with other pests.

Dust Mite Control

  1. Treatment with a professional truck-Mounted vacuum cleaner
  2. Prevention of asthma, allergies, and sleep disorder
  3. Elimination of allergens and bacteria
  4. Eco-friendly and safe service
  5. Disinfection upon request

In truth, Steam n Dry Pest Control Auckland Services has trained other cleaning companies all around Auckland.

Ant Control Services

While various ants invade our home, the giant, black carpenter ants are the worst. They invade the home through cracks in the walls and under the floorboards found in hot weather.

Carpenter ants burrow the wood in your home to create hollow nests. So you can find their nests by tapping on a wooden skirting board. Of course, you can tell by the sound it emits if it is empty or not.

While they cause some damage, the ants aren’t as bad as termites.

Termite Pest Control

Termites are one of the most common pests, and they can potentially cause destruction. They eat the house, and a home may have a bad infestation in some cases. Consequently, it may even lead to evacuation.

You can’t always see termites. But if you have an infestation, termite and pest control services can eliminate the problem.

Cockroach Control Service

Cockroaches can also be quite common and dangerous as they carry diseases. They usually come out at night. So if you do see one during the day, it could mean that you have a severe infestation. Therefore, pest control equipment should be used as soon as possible. The diseases they spread include salmonella and dysentery. The symptoms include abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

How to Control Insects and Pests?

You can’t always stop pests from entering your home. Flies come through open windows, and ants come through gaps. However, there are ways to try and prevent problems if not minimised.

Pests generally enter untidy houses. They feed on scraps of leftover food, and because of this, it is essential to keep your home clean.

There are several ways to help prevent different pests. For example, you can seal all the gaps that allow them to access the cockroaches. Also, do not leave anything open for the cockroach to feed.

Moreover, precautions to prevent fleas include washing animals in the house. Likewise, regularly treat them with pest control products such as special shampoos and powders. Cleaning the house regularly and thoroughly will help in keeping pests away.

If the infestation is terrible, you can call pest control companies with specialised equipment. Indeed, Steam n Dry Pest Control Auckland Services will help you eliminate pests as soon as possible.

Complete Pest Control Services Auckland

Steam n Dry Pest Control Auckland Service has provided professional pest control services since 1987. Namely, pest, flea, insect, cockroach, wasp bee, flies, and bed bug control.

Cleaning with over 55°C hot steam will help with most pests. However, this may need to be followed through with a pest control service for the best results. Such as Steam n Dry Pest Control Auckland Services. Also, look at the variety of services they offer. Many pest control service providers even provide regular maintenance to ensure the pests do not return. Some Auckland pest control companies can treat the home for several problems, depending on the range of issues you face. When hiring a pest control service provider, the key is to tailor a proposal to your needs and budget. The rest will fall into place as you start treating the problem and gaining the benefits of a pest-free home.

Service Areas

Your local ant control service providers proudly serve South Auckland and East Auckland. Further, West Auckland, North Shore Auckland, Eastern Bays, Eastern Suburbs, and Western Suburbs. Manukau City, Waitakere City, CBD, North Shore, Waitakere, Manukau, Howick, Pakuranga, Botany. Panmure, Ellerslie, Mount Wellington, Te Atatu Penisula. Auckland City, North Shore, Glendene, Glen Eden, Titirangi, Massey, Greenhithe, West Habour. Hobsonville, Orewa, Browns Bay, North Shore, Glenfield, Birkdale, Birkenhead, Takapuna.

North Harbour, North Auckland, Devonport, Milford, East Coast Cays. Hibiscus Coast, Whangaparaoa, Rodney District, Albany, North Shore, Auckland CBD, Manukau City. Penrose, Greenlane, Remuera, Newmarket, Epsom, Mount Roskill, Mount Albert, Manurewa, Botany, East Tamaki, Otara, and Dannemora. Otahuhu, Onehunga, Papatoetoe, Pukekohe, Papakura, Mangere, Manurewa, Parnel, City, Herne Bay. Ponsonby, Point Chev, New Lynn, Henderson and Te Atatu South.

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